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About GGallego Photography


            What's behind the "G" in "GGallego" you would ask? My name, Guillermo! I took photography seriously in 2015, when I decided to invest more time in developing my photo skills and really going out on trips & adventures with my camera. Welcome to my humble portfolio where I share some of my work as landscape & woodland photographer!


The first time I a camera consciously was around 2005 with a simple & small compact camera (point & shoot style). It was my parent's camera and I shoot on family trips but at that point was when I felt like photography was something I wanted to explore more. I even played a bit with "old-school" film photography with an old Minolta that my father keeps at home, that's a different game all together...

Bought my first DSLR in 2007 with a couple cheap lenses and since then I've tried many different styles of photography and also upgraded my gear: bit of portrait, a wedding, various family events, macro, plane spotting, wildlife (still enjoy this one every now and then), product...but where I feel the best is doing landscape & outdoor / woodland photography.

Being out with the camera, doing some hikes climbing mountains or walking through the woods in a misty and rainy day, connecting with nature is one of the best feelings in the world, and it mixes two of my passions at once! that's a win-win :-).


I'm full time IT Technician working a 9 to 5 job, another big passion as I'm also quite a geek. Computers and technology is a big part of my life, I enjoy playing some video games and being up to date on the latest tech news & gadgets. I've been working in IT for nearly 10yrs now and it's a good way of funding my photography "career" until this one gets some traction and starts to generate some income (dreaming is for free!).

Originally from Madrid (Spain) but currently living in Dublin (Ireland) for a bit more than a year now with my girlfriend Ana. Work brought us here as I took a vacancy but since then we have fell in love with this wonderful & awesome island. Having both the sea and the mountains so close is perfect in terms of life and photography!! :-)


Sharing the images with the world is the last step for me of the journey that otherwise would be incomplete. Since we're in the digital era a web portfolio is a good way of showcasing my work out there into the internet. Hope you like it, please feel free to look around and if you want to get in touch, please use the contact form below, promise I'll reply as soon as possible :-)

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